Do you floss at night or in the morning??

Sally I.
I tend to floss solely in the morning half way through brushing. After flossing, I use the floss to scrape my tongue before brushing itself. After completing my brushing, I'll use mouthwash – and then wash my mouth out multiple times with water to remove any remaining flavour.
Marcus P.
I used to floss at night but I realised that I am more consistent with flossing if I do it during the day. It usually helps to leave the floss somewhere close to your toothbrush so you don’t forget. I’m usually very tired at night so even brushing my teeth is a huge task for me let alone to floss😂
Charline O.
My dental hygenist said it takes about 24 hr for plaque to harden (the internet said 48 hr) so I floss once a day, in the evening after my last meal.