Does the flossing stick? I’m at 5 days.

Ewen Rey
Yeah it works for me, the flossers are use help me a lot more I can’t use regular dental floss cause it’s too difficult

Jeppe Larsen
Yes, it does. I skipped once or twice. But I miss the feeling of having clean teeth so much that now I feel I need to floss.

Johnny Burns
Yes when I'm reminded to floss, I definitely do it. I never really did it before unless there was something stuck in my teeth. Now it's almost therapeutic.

Magdalene Strube
Yes, keep going, every day, once a day. Pick a time, either your morning brush or nighttime brush and floss immediately after every day. Your teeth will feel great

Jayden Pearson
Yes, it does. I went from never flossing to flossing almost everyday for the last 7 or 8 years. In order to build the habit, I started flossing in the morning when it was more likely to happen. Eventually, I switched it to the evening. Once I committed to doing it for a whole month, the habit stuck. Now that I see how much stuff comes out when I floss after brushing, I’m totally grossed out that I never used to do it.

Dianne Rivera
Flossing regularly is the biggest health change I made in the last 4 years. I keep floss with me at work . Keep it up! It pays off in the long run