Is flossing really necessary? My gums always bleed from doing it. I understand doing it if i can see/feel that there’s food stuck between my teeth but other then that it just feels unnecessary. I brush my teeth twice a day and I use mouthwash.

Augusta Z.
From my understanding we are supposed to floss at least once a day no matter if we see plaque or food bits. It's a key component to avoiding gingivitis which at first isn't bad, but in the long run it causes the gums to recede and teeth to fall out. That last bit has me flossing more regularly since my dentist gave me trouble!
Josefine U.
I have heard arguments on both sides. From my personal experience I do get a lot out even when I don't notice anything stuck. As for the bleeding, I've had bleeding gums for as long as I can remember but now that I have been flossing for almost a month straight they no longer bleed. The bleeding comes from irritants that get trapped under the gum line.
Anna E.
Flossing daily is essential to maintain clean breath, the more consistent the less bleeding occurs. I floss daily and I have to press hard for any bleeding to happen.
Barbie E.
I've learned that the more you floss, the less it bleeds. Gums can have issues just like teeth. Not cavities, but worse. Cause a cavity can be filled, but gum loss can be forever.
Calvin U.
Yes, by flossing you remove food debris and bacteria at the gum level and in between teeth which brushing cannot reach. This food debris will become tarter over time and if not addressed it can erode the gum line creating long term risk of disease (gum disease). This creates inflammation which is a risk factor for heart disease!
Justin C.
It really is. Floss gets into places your toothbrush can't reach and mouthwash won't get the stuff out. For the first week or so, maybe longer, the gums will bleed, but that's because they aren't used to it yet. Eventually, they'll get healthier and stop bleeding, you just need to be consistent. If it hurts too much when you start, take extra time to make sure the floss is only touching your teeth and avoid the gums as much as you can. It will get better if you keep up the habit, I promise.
Genesis Q.
I was the same only a few months ago until a much needed trip to the dentist. He told me they’ve linked poor gum health to things like heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease among other pretty scary illnesses. He urged me that flossing was a must for perfect gum health otherwise you are missing a ton of plaque you don’t even know you have.
Emil P.
YES!!! Flossing is definitely something you should do, even once a day. You mentioned your gums bleeding when you do, but don’t worry. That is totally normal for irregular or the beginning of regular flossing. When I started flossing once a day that happened to me too, so take heart, it does go away:) There are spaces between your teeth that a toothbrush just cannot reach and plaque will build up there so it is important to clean that area regularly. If you still don’t feel compelled to floss maybe think of the activity differently. Use it as a task to build self discipline. Even though you don’t feel like it, take control of yourself and build self control by doing it anyways. Then, in time, you may start to understand the benefits you mouth and your mind are getting from the tiny action. Hope this help.
Edwin O.
I think it's still important. It's not because you don't feel/see anything that there are no bacteria there.
I use a waterpik because my gums are also bleeding after traditional flossing.
John P.
I used to think the same as you and spoke to my dentist. Even if your teeth feel clean bacteria is getting under the gums and thats what causes the bleeding. If flossing with dental floss is too harsh for daily use you can try a water flosser. I switched to doing that last year and now even when i need to use traditional floss my gums dont bleed.
Titouan W.
Yes. It is necessary especially since your teeth aren't in the best shape. You need to take care of what you have left so you can keep it!
Mathilde P.
Floss is important than gums.Maybe u can eat gums only 2 days a week.Or u can take floss out of the list.But the better thing is to don’t do that.Even if you wash your tooth 3 times a day floss is an other better thing.U have to brush and floss your teeth now for a better smile in the future.☺️👍
Claire O.
Bleeding gums tell there is trapped bacteria. You are possibly swallowing it and it quite possibly bacteria is seeping down to your jaws, starting to damage them. See a dentist and dental hygienist soon. You will ditch the gloss for interdentals, little brushes that clean underneath where the gum meets the tooth. Seriously.
Pr Spero A.
Flossing is necessary to prevent future costly dental procedures in old age, when I will likely be on a fixed income. Also it reduces the risk of heart problems that can be effected by gum disease. Akso, it makes my breath better and therefore continues to my confidence and self-esteem.
Felicitas Z.
The bleeding stops after a few days and I believe that strengthening the gums and making them less permeable is very important. I’m in the habit now and I don’t even think about it.