Who are you really hurting when you dont floss?

Terry O.
The only person hurt by any neglect of dental hygiene is oneself. Not flossing when young led to gum disease for me. It was reversible but I have permanent gum loss and recession in places. Newer studies seem to reveal that other health issues can arise as a result of not flossing. It’s a hard habit for me to form despite my experience. I floss once a day but I believe my mouth would feel cleaner and fresher if I could develop the have of twice a day.
Jeannette X.
Myself. It's such a simple thing to do that gives me more confidence. I spend more than two minutes battering myself for not doing it. Irritated that I just didn't do it.
Niviane Z.
Not a person in particular but your bank account. If you don't floss you're more likely to get cavities resulting in fillings, root canals, crowns or even implantations which are a lot more costly than just flossing every night.
Tammy P.
Myself, if I fail to take care of my own teeth then the consequences are losing them or paying a lot of money to keep them or modify them. It’s much easier less costly and less painful to do preventative care like flossing! It also makes my teeth feel so much cleaner and healthier. I can tell when I don’t do it by the time the next evening rolls around.
Andreas G.
Yourself, when you go to the dentist and they floss it’ll hurt more also you’ll get out of routine and it’ll be harder to floss at all and you’ll bleed more