What are some good high-protein breakfasts I can make in just a dorm with a minifridge and microwave before morning exercise?

Louis Q.
Get a carton of egg whites. Pour as much as desired, up to five egg equivalents, into a slightly oiled microwave safe bowl. Add fajita seasoning and hot sauce as desired and mix with fork. Microwave on high for 3 minutes. Remove bowl from microwave and empty eggs onto a plate. Cut up the eggs with a fork and top with salsa and half an avocado, sliced. Add a glass of fat free milk and you've got a very healthy breakfast with lots of protein, healthy fats, and minimal preparation required.

Mareile E.
My go-to high protein breakfast is eggs and bacon. Pre-made quiches or hard-boiled eggs work. I also have some high protein very low sugar chocolate drinks that I also enjoy.