I’m so tired of forgetting to floss! Any advice?

Emilie T.
Buy flossers and keep them somewhere to remind you to floss. I like to make myself floss before brushing my teeth at night, so if I brush I have to floss first!
David E.
Put it right by your toothbrush so that you will remember to grab the floss first. Have a set time to do it in your evening routine. I always do it right before I get in the showe while I wait for the water to warm up.
Mads Z.
Put the floss beside the toothbrush. I was once told that it isn’t forgetting. It is choosing not to do something because we think we don’t have time.
Claudilene C.
I like to tie to something I do every morning so I’m sure to remember. For me, I also go to the bathroom when I wake up. I have my toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom already, so I wash my hands and go for it
Ryan B.
Ugh . This one is hard. I think moving up in the evening closer to dinner helps. Waiting until I’m about to get into bed makes it harder.
Jon O.
Maybe move the habit in front of brushing your teeth? And move your floss next to your toothbrush. Doing them both back-to-back usually helps me 👍
Gertrude U.
Are you forgetting to floss or are you choosing not to? Tonight I almost didn’t floss my teeth because I’m tired and my laziness almost got the best of me. I reminded myself that being self-disciplined means pushing laziness to the side and continuing to do the job you agreed to do. Committing is easy, flowing through is difficult.
Ruben O.
Would it help to take a piece of floss out of the container before you put your toothpaste on your toothbrush and leave it on the counter as a visual reminder? This has helped me make it part of my daily routine.
Theresa J.
Keep your tooth brush, tooth paste and your floss next to
Each other that way you will remember all 3 together and you won’t do 1 without doing all 3! Because if you make them accessible together it will be easier to remember all 3!!!
Jeremy G.
Put the floss right next to your toothbrush or light switch so you see it and then make it part of one of your routines
Priteche Q.
I started a flossing habit years ago, and after a while, my teeth only felt clean after doing it. There’s a little air flow in those tiny little crevices. Now if I don’t floss, my teeth feel glued together and I know that’s going to cause me pain and dental bills if I don’t take care of myself. I also feel like it cuts down on bad breath. When I do my nightly rountine, I start with flossing, so I’m less likely to skip it and my toothbrush can do it’s job better.
Baptiste O.
I organize the routine step by step so I add “floss”then brush my teeth as an habit so I press play and start to put done every time I do.
If you don't want to use the app I suggest to left what you use to floss beside the brush
Wencke F.
Place the dental floss next to the toothbrush. Wash and floss your teeth right after eating the last meal. Thanks to the fact that you will not leave this activity at the end of the day, you will not be so tired and you will not be tempted to eat something for the night.
Anton Z.
Floss BEFORE you brush your teeth – make it a habit to floss beforehand so that you don’t forget and skip over it after you’ve brushed your teeth. This was recommended to me by my dentist!
(I think it also helps to leave the floss out in a visible spot next to your toothbrush as a visual reminder)
Livio P.
I never used to remember either! Until I added it in the app! It’s in my evening routine and now I do it every day. Immediately after brushing. I love the satisfied feeling of checking it off on the app and getting streaks.