I am flossing intermittently. Looking for Ideas to keep consistent.

Kaitlyn O.
Try doing it at the same time everyday and connect it with something you're already doing. I take medication before I go to sleep, so I floss before I take my meds.
Gesche J.
A man wrote a story about how he was able to keep on top of doing the dreadful tasks like running in the morning and flossing for example. Imagine a waterfall task where you do one thing that leads to another and so on. Driving from home to work for example, you walk out the door, get into your car, turn on the car, put on your seatbelt and begin driving. It is a task we do without thinking but have learned previously how to do it that way. He wrote a ritual that was his ideal morning and would flow with his needs and schedule. He would wake up in the morning, put on his workout clothes and after the clothes came the shoes. After his shoes were on he headed out the door and began his run. He mentioned that after his run he would take a shower then after the shower he began brushing his teeth and immediately after bruising ended he began flossing. He also mentioned that he chose to make it a priority task because poor dental genes run in his family and he wanted to have teeth when he was old. So having a specific ritual and a dramatic why might influence you to stay persistent. Stick with it a while and your mornings will feel like driving a car.
Albane O.
I have the same problem. Lately it's become better. I decided to just floss one tooth minimum daily. Usually this leads to me flossing all of them but just keeping the habit going has helped make it easier.
De Nece Q.
I'm finding that the fabulous app is helping me keep consistent. I don't always do it at the time it's set for but I am on track for flossing daily. Choose an early time, that way you can still get a floss in at some time during the day even if you miss your set time.