Do you use regular floss, a vibrational/handheld flosser or a water flosser?do you feel like it makes a difference?

Bernard T.
I use interdental brushes (they come in different thicknesses). They do make a difference for the better. They remove more plaque from between teeth and the gum line.
Lydia Y.
I use a water pick. I don’t think it works quite as well as regular floss but I have a permanent retainer that makes regular floss difficult
Freja W.
Yes I floss with a handheld disposable flosser evey night. When I first started ny gums would bleed but now they dont. My dentist can even tell when someone flosses or doesn't and she says she can tell I do, my gums are very healthy.
Dawn E.
I use regular floss, once you get the hang of it, you find that manual flossing is far more deeper in cleaning than other methods ⭐️
Willow A.
I use both! The water flosser is great for getting places normal floss cant, but you have to stimulate the gums about once a week by using normal floss. (As per my dentist!)
Killian Z.
I use regular floss just for the fact it’s a lot easier to control when it’s between my fingers, so I can get every little nook and cranny between them teeth. I haven’t tried any of your other options mentioned, but I know normal floss will always be my go to!
Caroline E.
I use regular floss, I’ve never used a water flossed but would definitely be willing to try. I always brush after flossing.
Andrea N.
I use a pick type floss and I feel like it makes it more likely that I’ll floss. I don’t have to put my hand on gross used floss when I can hold onto the handle.
Jeremiah T.
I use the handheld flosser. I think, when you take care enough of your brushing routine it makes no difference at all, your teeth remain healthy.
Nicholas T.
I've used all different types of floss. When I was wearing braces, the water flosser was good. Now, I used floss harps and I love them. They're so easy to use and I don't hurt my fingers anymore!