Do gumchucks or plastic flossers make it easier for most people? I hate the string method.

Kevin E.
Plastic flossers. As long as you wipe away with a clean or non-sterile sponge between every few flosses, visibly soiled, then you typically are to use less floss versus the string floss.
Requerino G.
I don't like them either. My dentist recommended the waterpick. I've been using it for 2 years now, and now I actually floss twice a day. With the earlier string, because of my annoyance with it, I usually did it once a month.
Alizee S.
I always use oral B satin tape cos i can control it better and so I get to focus on what i am doing more. It's also got a nice minty taste.
David F.
I haven’t tried either of those. I use the string, didn’t like it in the beginning, but now it’s fine for me. I hope you find your mojo!
L Rke W.
Hi-tech flossers are about 3” long and disposable.
Plastic but I get it done quickly and without any cursing over the stuff pulling off of my fingers…
Silas C.
Yeah, I personally find that plastic flossers make it easier. I just have to grab one from the bag and go. It's not *that* much less effort but it's enough that I'm more likely to do it.