What type of floss works best? Should I use waxed or unwaxed ?

Anne Z.
I think I use the waxed… Use mint flavor it makes it taste better and doesn’t feel gross on your teeth. Also the fluffy floss is better than thin floss. Also have backup floss in case u run out, only use the non mint wax in emergency if u run low of floss supply.
Sue V.
I use Waterpik, an oral irrigator, a home dental care device which uses a stream of high-pressure pulsating water intended to remove plaque and food debris between teeth and below the gum line. Nothing else worked better than this.
Cindy A.
Waxed floss slides between closely spaced teeth better, but unwaxed floss will squeak when your teeth are clean. They're both good; it's just preference. I prefer using little flossing sticks as that makes it much easier. They're waxed by the way.
Anthony A.
Personally, I've been on a mission to cut down on my plastic consumption. With that in mind, I highly recommend Dental Lace. It comes in a refillable glass vial and is 100% biodegradable. The refills come in a biodegradable plastic package. It works just as great as any other floss I've used and I feel a little better about my impact on the planet.
Chelsea B.
I use unwaxed because personally the feel of wax ones is strange to me! I also have sensitive gums and find waxed floss is a little rougher on them than unwaxed.
Carmel G.
It depends on your teeth mine are really crowded so I use Packers for tight teeth and what I like about them is they are so easy to use if I didn’t have that t
brand I can assure you I would struggle. My Younger sister happens to be a dental hygienist and she was recommends floss just because it can go through the teeth with ease. Taking care of your gums insures good health as well as great teeth even if they’re crooked like mine!
Clara P.
I use the floss sticks and I'm reading to see if they have wax or not and it doesn't say!
I like the sticks because it makes flossing super fast and efficient !
Hope this helps !!
Mohamed X.
I just use a special long plastic one use thing with a floss in the end, it makes it easier to floss and reach back teeth. I guess it has added floride on the floss which should help.
Tasha P.
I prefer waxed Floss. I use smart Floss, which has naturally sourced wax. Some brands of Floss have a synthetic wax coating containing chemicals that are linked to cancer. Do your research before purchasing a product so you're aware of what you're putting in your body.