Do you use any other dental tools to complete your clean mouth routine?

Andy P.
Obviously I use a toothbrush but I also use the floss piks and occasionally use a tongue cleaner. The tongue cleaner really helps for bad breath because just using a brush on the tongue on your moves it around; tongue cleaner really cleans it off. Mouth wash to finish
Am Ndio C.
I scrape my tongue with a tongue scraper I got from a dentist. I find it particularly helpful in the morning after waking up and also after eating foods that have a strong aftertaste. I floss with flossing picks (Plackers twin line) and then brush lightly with an electric toothbrush and a toothpaste that helps strengthen enamel (Boka).
Joris O.
first, a toothbrush (obviously) next floss, and mouth wash. occasionally i will go in with a plaque scratcher that my dentist will use on me. this helps get rid of buildup that brushing can’t get to.