Floss first or brush first?

Elizabeth Z.
Floss first. Because if you brush first you feel clean abs are more likely to skip flossing. It really doesn't matter though as long as you are doing it.

Aubrey P.
I always floss first. Helps to rid of all the food bits that might be stuck in my teeth. I then proceed to brunch, making my mouth feel clean and refreshed!

Mille Z.
I was flossing before I brushed my teeth but recently I started brushing before I floss. I guess I figure the choosing loosens up some stuff, gets the big stuff out and then brushing is more effective.

Loan Q.
I floss after eating to loosen any food. Then again after brushing to ensure I got everything. But I also a mouthwash because sometimes flossing loosens the food but rinsing gets it out. I just really don't like when stuff gets stuck in between my teeth, it's just so annoying to me.