How do I proceed with my evening routine if I’m tired?

Karl T.
Just tackle what you feel that you can. It helps to have the items in your routine prioritised, or perhaps just start with the easier tasks. Often, when you start with just one item and complete it successfully, it provides momentum and encouragement to tackle more. We are only human, and we can do our best even if it’s not what we think is perfect.
Frederik P.
Very, very kindly. Sit down and take a deep breath. Ask yourself, “What will be most restorative for me?” Give yourself time to listen. Very often, our practices are more nourishing than junk food and empty entertainment. Check that the rewards for completing your practices are high enough, recognize that what you do today will make tomorrow easier, and do what you can.
Tib Rio E.
My routine starts with flossing. Even when I'm tired and am thinking I won't do my routine, as soon as I step into my bathroom the habit takes over. As I'm mentally grumbling about not wanting to, my fingers are pulling out the floss. By the time I realize I'm still grumbling I'm already finished. I always go into the bathroom before bed and something about walking into the bathroom jolts my routine into gear. If I'm on the couch and my first habit is journaling, I could do that sitting there or i could just as easily keep playing on my phone. But once i walk into the bathroom… well, there's not much else I could do in there. It's also the habit I dread most on my evening routine. Getting it out of the way makes everything else seem simple. I also keep my evening routine very short. There are only three habits so it doesn't seem as daunting to follow through until the end.
Paige J.
I have to give myself words of encouragement when I am tired to complete my evening routine when I am tired. It takes 33 min to complete. If I complete those 33 min, I know I can go to bed feeling accomplished. It almost gives me a little extra kick at the end of my day to know that the ultimate reward is bedtime!
Ramon Y.
Make it only wind down things that you feel okay about doing to get ready for bed. If there are other daily things you want to do but are too tired at bedtime schedule them for earlier in the day.
Ted E.
Get some sleep. Never try to work, study, drive,or make love if you're tired.
Go back to your routine after you've napped. Even a 60 minute power will help.
Adam E.
I find it really difficult. I get to the time I should do it, then just push myself through, with a mental note that if I’m still not tired afterwards I can go do something else
Elizabete Q.
Well maybe before take a 10 to 15 minute break relax or take a nap. Then wake up you will feel relaxed and not tired and you will be able to do your evening routine.
Gustav F.
Sometimes you have a long day and you're exhausted. I find it best to focus on just one thing from your evening routine. Whether it's flossing, stretching, prepping for tomorrow or just taking a moment to look back on the day.

Focus on keeping that one easy task going.
It will be your anchor to keeping your evening routine.

Don't be too hard on yourself and remember that being well rested comes first.

Nanna C.
Think about the peace it will bring you later and how that peace will be so much better than giving in to your tiredness. Also when I've had a long day, I do parts of my evening routine as soon as I get home… Pack my lunch, set out my clothes, tidy up. That way the only things I have to do later when I know I'll be tired are brush my teeth etc
Pamela C.
Think about how good it will feel to take care of yourself by completing your evening routine!! Especially when you are tired, and unmotivated, the psychological reward removes the stress of not getting things done. Then you can relax and sleep better.
Nanna E.
Eventually if you stick to your schedule, it will become easier, but if you find yourself tired, stick to the essentials, and maybe add them in the next day. You don't want to overstress yourself when you are already tired, it could lead to illness or exhaustion. Think of a time in the day to add room for instances like these just in case you have an off day. We all do, we are human. 🙂
Ana S C.
Every night, I'm tempted to skip my evening routine, but I simplified my routine to just the basics and then I convince myself I'll feel better to have done it. I've always felt better. Best of luck! 🙂