Flossing has no direct heart benefits, but may lead to healthier gums and healthier lungs. What benefits is flossing giving you?

Misty N.
Gingivitis is a gum disease that causes bleeding and swollen gums. This can lead to other health problems. A healthy floss/brush routine can prevent this.
Gabriel Y.
My teeth feel healthier and it’s just nice to have a routine and do it and my teeth feel better and look cleaner! I would definitely recommend!
Frederik C.
My dad lost his teeth and he’s afraid to smile. He is so used of not smiling that he doesn’t smile anymore. If anything he smirks. It’s real. Not flossing can give you depression.All you have to do is floss and stop drinking sugar.Sounds easy enough. Right?Peace. Have a good one.
Hanna T.
I just got Damon braces so flossing is a necessity. I use Waterpiq to quickly floss. I feel better gums, cleaner mouth and no bad breath. It is now a habit and I feel incomplete if I do not do it.
Hinrich R.
Knowing that I'm actively taking care of myself through this little action is a benefit in itself:) Guess it gives me a few moments to be grateful for my teeth, my smile and the food I had!
Silje P.
I am no professional but I do know that flossing once a day day truly does help. You don’t need to know each benefit to know it truly does help and flossing once a day is truly helpful. Best wishes!!
Rosalva Q.
My dentist told me that flossing does have an effect on your heart, and your health so I’m confused as to why the answer said no it does not have any effect on your health as far as your heart or other issues