Do you floss before brushing or after?

Emil C.
I prefer to brush often but floss once a week or so. And I only floss when I remember to. Which means I floss some time after brushing.
Luenem I.
I floss before brushing. The brushing after allows me to clear away any plaque or food that might dislodge by flossing.
Lily T.
Personally, I choose to floss after I’ve already brushed. I use this as a way to further clean my teeth after they’ve been bubbled up. I don’t really find the idea of sticking my fingers into an unbrushed mouth very appealing! After I floss I do make sure to swig either some water or some mouthwash so that nothing gets left behind.
Ed Q.
I floss, mouthwash, then brush. I think the mouthwash helps clean out the newly “opened” gums, and since I use sensitivity toothpaste, it’s best not to rinse afterwards.
Alfredo T.
Personally, I like to floss after brushing. That way, you can brush away the excess and focus on the leftovers. Leaving you with a beautiful smile.