Are there any sustainable floss options?

Dina N.
In order to sustain a daily floss routine, I just think about how white my teeth have been and all of the food that I have consumed that day. I imagine the food between my teeth and how gross that is. Before I know it, I’m flossing.

Villads W.
I hate using actual floss, so I use floss picks instead. So much easier and just as good as regular floss. They're also good for on the go and travel. They come with a travel pouch and you can bring them easily anywhere and keep them anywhere you go. In the car, at the office, in your purse or even your wallet.

Anselm J.
Not to my knowledge. Avoid floss with an expiration date, like mint covered ones. Stick to regular dental floss along with evening tooth brushing, and if you want that extra mile, get mouthwash. Non-flouride mouthwash worked best for me.