Do you find it easier to use traditional string floss or the single use flossers? Is one gentler on your gums than the other?

Nora P.
I prefer string floss. I think it’s gentler on my gums, and my dentist says the same thing. Also, I find it saves a lot of money versus single use flossers because it takes me at least four of the latter to do my whole mouth without feeling like I’m using dirty flossers. Also, I’m not a huge fan of tape. Personally, I don’t think it works as well. Anyway, hope that helps. Good job keeping up with your flossing habit!! 🙂
Daisy E.
It’s terrible for the planet…… but I find it easier to use the single use flossers. Another option is a water Pik! Look it up! I got it and it’s a game changer.