Do you floss every day?

Mattie P.
Yes, I do. Every evening. I found some floss that works well for me, and have set it up right next to my toothbrush. Im so happy that i have finally mastered this habit. Andso is my dentist, who praised me quite a bit recently for how excellent i took care of my teeth 😁
Teot Nio P.
Yes because it takes 24 hours for plaque to start changing to tartar. Also, one of the sources of bad breathe is the degeneration of food partivles left between teeth. These residual particles also set u up for inflammation and infection. This a way staph and other germs can enter your blood stream. Poor oral hygiene and heart disease are correlated. So it is well worth the time and effort to floss. Experiment with string floss, water flossers , rinsed etc to find out what works best to keep u consistent on a daily basis, it is excellent preventative medicine
Lou S.
Yes I do floss everyday because it keeps your breath fresh and gets where the toothbrush can’t, I also carry floss with me
Lea Y.
Yes I floss daily. However, three days ago I would have awsered no. I floss after dinner each night and then brush my teeth. I flip on the hot water kettle before heading to the bathroom. Flossing is my signal to myself that the day is ending. A dentist might tell me to brush after tea, but I let the tea brew on my nightstand. I love the message my gums get right before bed.
Johan B.
Yes I do! Were you still need to pay attention to the rest of your teeth, because even though I take great care of my teeth I still have gotten a swollen mouth and I need aA root canal! So when flushing make sure you’re checking your teeth and gums for any miss coloration pain or sensitivity. I hope this helps.A root canal! So when flossing make sure you’re checking your teeth and gums for any miss coloration pain or sensitivity. I hope this helps.
Juanita S.
Yes, I floss every night after brushing my teeth. My dentist said it was best to floss after brushing but before rinsing out my mouth. That way some of the toothpaste foam can get pulled between the teeth with the floss.
Juanita F.
I try too!! There are still some nights when I just feel too exhausted, but usually I'm at the point where once I've gone to brush, it's easier to just floss & rinse with mouthwash too. Taking the floss out of the vanity at the same time I get my toothbrush and toothpaste helps too. And going to bed with a minty-clean mouth is very satisfying.
Anna E.
Yes, I have to. I’m very susceptible to food getting stuck between my teeth and gums. I also have a cracked tooth that gets food in it. So I often floss after each meal.