Do you use floss in a big spool or one of those floss forks?

Ladislaus Z.
Neither now, I use teepees those little brushes. After expensive hygienist trips that’s the piece of advice that’s worked best for me.

Christy C.
I use both a spoiled floss and a little brush that I can wedge between my teeth! I feel like I get a better clean with the brush but it doesn't fit in all my teeth gaps.

Alfred A.
I hate to admit but I use the plastic “forks”. I don’t like adding the plastic into the environment but I don’t resist flossing when I use them.

Lisa F.
I've used both. I think the individual plastic picks create more plastic waste, but they are convenient. I've found a biodegradeable/sustain-able product called Stimudent that I use on-the-go, but it doesn't replace floss. So, off to rip some floss off that big spool in the big plastic container. Even dental hygiene requires tough choices.

Josefine Z.
I prefer the floss forks. I asked my dentist once and he said whatever gets me to floss. I find them easier to control and reach my molars.

Brennan F.
From a spool, with a clean section for each tooth. The forks are not great because they can spread bad bacteria from one area to another.

Herbert Y.
I have braces so it is hard for me to floss every night and I feel as though the remainder from this app doesn’t help enough

Est Ban O.
Foss fork/picks are easiest for me since I can put a stash of them in areas around the house that remind me to do it. Flossing doesn't take long but it can feel inconvenient regardless. Keeping reminders in plain view helps me stay consistent

Pauline Z.
Personally the spools have always seemed so messy. I use the floss forks, as you called them.
They’re so quick and easy, and you can use them on the go.
I don’t think it matters which you use, it’s the purpose that you’re flossing at all.
#winning 🙆🏻‍♀️🎉

Marcus Z.
Floss picks are what I prefer but use whatever you like. Im a dental hygienist. It really can save your life. Gum disease is linked to so many general diseases or can make them worse.
Floss wherever you want, I do it in my car… it's when I remember 😁

Malo O.
It’s like a fork thing. I use the Listerine Access flosser. It’s a long stick with replaceable floss heads. It makes it easier to reach your back teeth.

Noa O.
At home, I use a water flosser. I have found that it is more efficient in removing food from hard to reach areas. The kind I have also comes with different attachments to scrape the tongue, irrigate the gums, or use if someone wears braces. I use Invisalign. So, I have to floss and brush my teeth when I’m out, to put aligners back on. For those times I’ve been using the floss swords that have a pick on one side and a piece of floss on the other. I rarely use the pick end. However, these floss swords are made of plastic. So, I’ll be looking for a more eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative.

Siegried F.
I use both. I like to keep the “forks” around because they’re really easy so it takes away an excuse for not wanting to

Sheryl U.
I use floss in one of those forks, the spools always seemed like they would be too much work. I find that the forks are super easy to use. I floss twice a day with those and you're supposed to use the floss part of the fork, and then the pointy part of the fork (at the bottom of the fork) in all of your teeth gaps. The only thing that sucks about the forks is that I think they're less environmentally friendly than spools.

Cilly E.
I use the floss forks, I don't like how those loose-end-floss cut into my fingers when I wrap them around, plus the individual once have little pokey tips that fold out and sometimes come in handy as tooth picks. ☺️

Quit Ria Q.
Spool. I believe I am less likely to spread infection or bacteria when I chnage the spspt on the thread for each tooth space.

Elias A.
I use floss in a big spool. Even floss fork is much more convenient and easier to use, I decided to not use as it leaves more waste.

M Rcio Q.
I use floss in a big spool. I especially love to use the think mint one. So much easier to hold and I love the feeling between my teeth.

Hans W.
I use an interdental brush, which you can change the head. I can reach the back teeth and less plastic waste! Even better would be silk floss, which I'll be trying next.

Sebastian Y.
Spool! So as to minimize plastic waste. There is eco floss out there now that comes in a small glass jar instead of a plastic container, and the floss itself is made of silk, which is biodegradable.

Annedore O.
I use a big spool rather than a floss fork. I tried a floss fork once and didn’t like it. Just didn’t seem to give me the same results as the spool.

Mafalda A.
Both. I also can feel a noticeable difference when I use my waterpik. I think it’s essential, but even if that can’t be used, regular floss is just as good.

Kimberly E.
I use both as I find it hard to get to my back teeth with floss. I use a floss fork for the back and floss closer to the front.

Vicente Q.
I use floss pics, but I feel pretty conflicted about it. On the one hand they are really convenient, but on the other, I am trying to reduce my plastic waste. When I run out of the pics I have, I will switch to the spool.

Elizabeth Q.
Well in the mornings and evenings I use spool. It’s a lot better for your gum health, as you can get a better reach under the gum line to prevent tarter build-up there. But throughout the day I’ll use the little floss picks. Flossing also takes care of majority of bad breath because that’s where ALOT of bacteria hangs out. Next time you floss smell your piece of string!

Walda Q.
Floss fork all the way, I can’t stand how tight spoiled flirt is on my fingers. I also use a cheap electric toothbrush because I’m just so lazy I need all the help I can get

Cathy G.
Majority of the time, I use floss forks. That way I can get to my back teeth. Plus, I get the ones with the toothpick on the other end for the stubborn spots. I carry a spool with me in my purse because it's smaller.

Carter W.
Floss fork, it made it easier for me to start the habit because I never really learned how to use the spool. Plus the spool method hurts my fingers lol

Sofia O.
Spool. Floss forks are good for children who are beginning to floss, but wrapping floss around your fingers allows you to ‘wrap’ the tooth and better clean it.

James X.
I use a compact spool, Oral-B satin floss, mint flavor. Personally, I find the spool's long flossing thread more controllable than the short, tight floss fork thread. It's easier for me to control using, especially in tight spaces, where I want to remove plaque and food particles . Plus, I don't like picks, I always hurt my gum with it.

Benjamin P.
I personally use the spool because it allows you to get a deeper clean. I do sometimes use the floss "forks" if I am in a hurry or just need to get a piece of food out of my teeth.

Astrid Z.
A big spool. Because those floss forks can be convenient but they are usually too big to get between my teeth, and they also produces more wastes.

Claro B.
I like the forks because I think they are less of a hassle and I have enough trouble getting up the motivation to floss consistently in the first place — why make it more troublesome for myself, you know?

Mathis Q.
I use either or both. It depends on where I am physically ( for convenience) or where in the mouth. Some areas of my teeth need different kinds of floss, like behind my permanent retainer.

Nicoline P.
I use floss forks mostly because it's easier for me to reach the back of my mouth… I think that the most important part of flossing is to be sure you're going between the teeth and getting the gums surrounding as well.

Dennis O.
The plastic flossers are a lot more convenient, so I find it’s easier to stick to the routine when I use them – but I’m trying to reduce my plastic waste, so once I use the ones I already have, I will switch to regular dental floss.

Hector Q.
I use both! It just depends on my needs at the time. The floss forks work better for me sometimes, especially if I have really stubborn food stuck in my teeth.

Marialda S.
In a big spool. Currently I’m using a plastic type floss, would like to change it into something more environmental friendly.

Ewen Y.
Floss fork! Easier to handle. I had braces and still have the wire on the back of both my top and bottom teeth and these just make it easier

Sherry T.
I use the big spool. I haven't tried floss forks but my partner uses them. I tried the inter dental brushes and I found them awkward so I don't think I'd like to use the forks. I find I have good control with the floss from the big spool. I can move the thread in different directions (up down, left right) and use a long string so that I can try to remove all the bits of food stuck between my teeth.

Paula Q.
Big spool! I think I asked my dentist about this and they said it was more hygienic to use a fresh segment of floss each time you move to a different tooth, which would be impractical to do with floss forks