Are floss picks better than the floss alone?

Cayci W.
In my opinion you can reach more and clean much better with regular floss because it is more flexible and easier to maneuver around teeth
Olga N.
I am not sure, but I use both. Iui keep floss sticks with me especially when I'm out and food gets stuck in between my teeth. The floss stick is a little less noticeable when you are sitting at a table eating a meal. I don't think most people would notice.
Rosemary T.
I’m not sure, I prefer dental floss but the picks are a great choice when you are traveling or need to do a quick floss.
Sofie P.
It depends on your age. Younger kids and young adults might want to use floss picks because they are easiest to use. I personally still use floss picks because I think they are easy to use. If you have braces or something like that on your teeth, there is special floss for that. You could also use regular floss.
Olivia G.
It really depends on your preference. Are you good with the idea of sticking your hands in your mouth to get the back teeth, or would you prefer not to do that? Floss picks are also going to cost more than regular floss and will also create more plastic. But, if having the pick makes it more fun and helps you want to floss, that’s the most important part.
Kenneth J.
I definitely think so. I find them much easier and less gross to use, and they’ve done a lot to help encourage me to floss regularly. I recommend buying the ones for tight teeth—some of the other kinds can be uncomfortable, for me, at least.