What is your preference in floss. Traditional floss, the new sticks with a puck attached? How about flavors? Brands?

Lester C.
I just use the kind with the handle, mint-flavored. I didn’t used to floss because I never liked doing it with the string kind the dentist would give me every visit, but then my sister bought the handle kind for me because she had realized how much easier it is so now she’s got me hooked on nightly flossing!
Rayan S.
My preference in floss is the sticks with a puck attached. I feel it’s easier to floss with them. My teeth don’t have much space between them so it’s easier to pull the string with the stick.
Ginestal Q.
I prefer using Reach brand stick w/ disposable plastic part w/ floss attached which I can remove & toss in trash when I'm finished flossing. I also like to put the pre-strung pieces in a pill minder to help me keep track of doing it every night. I don't need to have my floss flavored, but I'm not opposed to mint or cinnamon flavors for flossing. Hope my input helps you.
Kaspara P.
I use those stick things, I find those way easier to use. I think the brand is oral b, no flavour but I'm very happy with it.
Villads Z.
I prefer traditional floss and I haven’t been mindful of the brand I use. I just use whatever is available. Usually, when I buy floss, I go for the most inexpensive kind. The brand I just used was Glide. When it comes to toothpaste, that’s when I have my preference.