How do you control your urge to go to bed and floss instead?

Juliane Radtke
I’m super motivated right now because I have pre gum disease. Once you go through that fun process at the dentist, it’s easy to not want to repeat that!!

Mato Zabel
I focus on how brushing is more effective after flossing and how going to bed without brushing is a really bad choice.

Teresa Ryan
First and foremost, I'm human, and sometimes I fail. I'm just too exhausted, or I'm distracted by some rumination as I get under the covers.

What I've found helps the most is that, like making my bed in the morning, I am affirming to myself that I've at least done something good for myself today. Doing it right before bed tends to set my mind at ease, making it easier to fall asleep peacefully.

Gisa Stange
It helps to have another task that you need to complete before going to bed, but after you floss. ie: I just flossed and now I’m going to fold the laundry I washed this morning before getting in bed

Erin Wallace
make a promise to yourself first, remind yourself of it and just think about the task and it’s benefits. remember this is just another step of forming a habit and then it will be really easy.

Janet Jennings
Put floss in places where it is clearly visible and easy to use (by sink, bedside table, in handbag, in car) and you will be more apt to use it often.

Anthony Phillips
I put the floss in front of my toothbrush in the medicine cabinet, so I literally have to pick it up before I can brush my teeth. At that point, might as well floss!

Julia Gonzales
I always struggled with this until recently. I thought it was tedious and takes a long time, but it’s really not a huge hassle. I’ve been so diligent with it because I just really don’t want my teeth to decay. I’m great about brushing my teeth and I have healthy gums, but I still had a cavity that needed a filling recently because of my lack of flossing. So I’m not messing around anymore. I just turn the negative talk in my head (I’m so exhausted, this is such a hassle, I HAVE to floss etc.) and I turn it into “I GET to floss. I’m so fortunate to have this resource. My teeth are going to be healthy because I put the work in. I’m doing this because I love myself and I want to be a more disciplined person!” And that motivates me! Maybe it will work for you, too!

Kitana Alves
I don’t like the sensation of waking up with a mouth that is not brushed and the thought of decay not flossing before bed does on my teeth. Also, I kiss my husband more confident when I do both 🙂