Do you floss in the morning or at night?

Lesi N.
Hi I floss after every meal. I have a coworker who is a dental hygienist and she highly recommends flossing and brushing after every meal. I absolutely feel a difference and see a difference in my teeth.
Jessica N.
I used to floss in the morning, but flossing at night has helped me relax a lot when getting ready for the day. It's 1 less thing to do and I have a slew of things I hop out of bed ready to do that I just won't do at night when I feel lazy. Flossing isn't something I won't do or don't have the mental capacity to handle, so flossing moves to a night time routine and life gets better.
Maxime E.
I am trying to make flossing part of my routine. I used to do it every so often but now I really want to make it an everyday occurence in the morning and in the evening.