When’s the best time of the day to floss your teeth?

Fredi P.
In the morning and in the evening after eating. Generally a good idea to do after meals. It massages your gums and ensures that leftover bits of food don’t sit around for too long.
Maya T.
It depends at what time is always is best for you. If you have more time in the morning, then do it at that time and skip it at night. It’s always doing things if you have the time and when is comfortable for you. It’s recommended to do it at night, but if you’re not able to, then do it when you have time.
Pauline T.
I like to floss a little after my last meal of the day. To make it less tedious, I also like interdental brushes and use either or, sometimes both. I love the feeling of my clean mouth.
Miroslawa J.
Everyone is different but I honestly prefer to floss at night before bed. I have a complete routine that my dentist recommended and have noticed a difference in how cleaner teeth and gums make less instances of getting sick.
Tiago Y.
For me it is in the evening after I have brushed them. It allows me to get out any left over food from the day and any that my toothbrush has missed.
Rudolfo Q.
I’ve been told the best time to floss is before bed, but I feel like my teeth are cleaner if I also floss in the morning before leaving for the day.
Frederik Y.
Honestly, the best time of day to do it is the time of day you are willing to do it. It really doesn’t matter when – all that matters is that you do it!!
(This is also the recommendation of the American dental association)
Philomena M.
I was told by a dental hygenist that if I were to choose one time a day to floss my teeth, the best possible time is at night before bed so that stuff isn’t stuck between my teeth and causing bacteria to eat away at them all night long. That’s where most cavities come from. So that’s what I do now! And the dentist was very impressed with my teeth when I went in a few weeks ago!
Evelyn U.
I like to do it in the evening, before going to bed. Getting all the days junk outta my teeth just feels so good. I got too many things to think about in the morning and often running late, so night time seems as the best option anyway too.
Suzanne B.
At night so the guck doesn’t stay on your teeth all night long. But, I am usually too tired at night so I floss in the morning. But at least I try and do it EVERY day!
Mya O.
I prefer to floss at night before bed. It makes me do it, it’s an easier ritual because I’m not as rushed as in the morning, and I like the idea of my teeth being clean all night long.
Lewis G.
At night. Sleeping dries out your mouth causing the acid created by bacteria to get concentrated. If you disturb those colonies by brushing and flossing they won't build up as much acid at night, and you'll save your teeth.