Is there a difference between using flossers and a piece of floss?

Asta U.
I believe that they have a differences flossers are easier to use while a piece of floss is a bit difficult to use especially when your doing the back teeth
Elisa Z.
Well, a flosser is on a stick and its used for 2 purposes while a piece of floss is from a container that you have to put around your fingers. I normally use a piece of floss because I have it and I feel like its easier to take to places
Kay N.
I don’t think there is a difference in the end result. I find I am more likely to floss with a flosser because it is easier. I do wish they were more environmentally friendly.
Jorge S.
If you prefer one over the other, and are more comfortable using it, then that can be the difference in you being able to use it daily and just not doing it at all.
I personally prefer the flossers with the picks, they're so convenient to just take one out and start flossing. I tried using the string, and it just never caught on, because it felt like a hassle. But, some people prefer the control and how thorough the cleaning can be.
Ultimately, develop a comfortable habit first, and then try to improve on it.