Why do I find it hard to floss? Why do so many people avoid it?

Sacha S.
If you’re not use to it, flossing can be painful. At the beginning, it hurts your gums to the point that they’re bleeding and tender for days. It makes eating and chewing anything uncomfortable. Not to mention wrapping the floss around your fingers can cause them to turn purple and start to lose circulation by the time you’re done. For a lot of people, doing it everyday is tedious and unpleasant, and it’s hard to see tangible results. After flossing for a week or two, however, I think a lot of the pain and discomfort subsides, and the whole ordeal goes way more quickly because your gums have toughened up a bit, and the floss moves in between your teeth more easily. What used to take 3 minutes now takes 30 seconds, and you can rest at ease knowing that plaque is no longer a formidable enemy.

Osmar F.
Some people find it enough to just brush, while it's actually not. U should floss cuz it'll give ur teeth longer life. It doesn't take more than 2 min, which is so short time. So take advange of ur last mins in the day and floss.