In Fabulous it says that flossing can save your life, how is that? Are there really brands of floss containing toxic materials? What are the toxins?

Martin E.
Fabulous is saying that flossing can *save* you, not kill you! Recent studies have shown that flossing regularly may decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease later in life. This is because the buildup of plaque and bacteria that happens in your mouth when you don’t brush or floss is released into your blood stream, which can contribute to hardening arteries and increase stroke risk. In short, flossing is a good idea 🙂
Rhonda P.
Flossing can enable your gums to maintain a healthy and stable status for far longer had you not flossed in your younger years. By removing the plaque and edible rememants between your teeth to a further extent, flossing also prevents the development of Gingivitis and Peritonitis; both are severe gun diseases that may bring ruin to your bone health. Additionally, some studies state that those who floss expect an extra five years on their life in comparison to those who don’t, although I myself do not know much about the subject.
Owen C.
When you floss, you eliminate all the bacteria placed between your teeth and this can prevent many infections that could enter your body through your mouth. It sounds silly but many people die because of this kind of infections every year. So, yes. It can save your life!
Ma Va T.
I read an article once that says heart attack can be prevented by taking good care of your gums and teeth. So, flossing is there.
Gla Cia Z.
I don’t know that flossing saves lives, but I suppose having good dental hygiene can prevent a lot of things that could damage the quality of your life and potentially put your life at risk maybe… I don’t know and have never heard that some floss can be toxic
S Ndi A.
No, floss isn't toxic. Nasty, toxic rotting food gets stuck between the teeth. Flossing cleans that crud away – saving your teeth and making your health better in the process; by getting the rot out of your mouth! Make sense?
Vivan Q.
That might be an overstatement, but the plaque in your mouth is the same plaque that can hurt your heart. Also, gum disease can make you lose your teeth and hard to eat healthy foods. Those are two examples of ways flossing can affect your overall wellness
C Cera E.
Hi there, I think it’s referring to the benefits of flossing rather than what floss is made out of (mostly plastic, but you can get plastic free varieties that are better for you and the environment). It is reported that flossing reduces gum disease, and studies show that people with gum disease are more at risk from heart disease and stroke. Apparently…!