In Fabulous it says that flossing can save your life, how is that? Are there really brands of floss containing toxic materials? What are the toxins?

Maëva Garnier
I read an article once that says heart attack can be prevented by taking good care of your gums and teeth. So, flossing is there.

Vivan Douglas
That might be an overstatement, but the plaque in your mouth is the same plaque that can hurt your heart. Also, gum disease can make you lose your teeth and hard to eat healthy foods. Those are two examples of ways flossing can affect your overall wellness

Glaúcia Moura
I don’t know that flossing saves lives, but I suppose having good dental hygiene can prevent a lot of things that could damage the quality of your life and potentially put your life at risk maybe… I don’t know and have never heard that some floss can be toxic