Is better to floss before or after brushing your teeth?

Nina W.
I’d say before that way all the stuff you get out can be brushed away, but if you’re really keen you can do it both before and after
Alisa N.
I like to floss before I brush my teeth. In my mind, when I floss I’m loosening the food and germs and plaque from that day in between my teeth, and then I want to brush it away and rinse after. I’m not a dentist, so I’m not sure if it matters. That’s just what I like to do.
Marissa A.
It’s better to floss first, in case your gums bleed, etc. When you brush flossed teeth it helps to clean any remaining particles/ food leftover.
Farnaz N.
I like flossing before brushing my teeth. This way my teeth get clean before I “wash” them if that makes sense. I floss, rinse with water, brush, rinse with water again, and sometimes use mouthwash after too.
Rapha L C.
I prefer to floss before brushing, but that's me. I don't think it is better or worse either way, it's just how you prefer.
Christina J.
My dentist says before. Also, it is very important to use interdental sticks! I use floss for my front teeth because the gaps are very tiny and interdental sticks for the other teeth. I actually 1. brush my teeth, then 2. floss/interdental sticks, and then 3. shortly brush my teeth again.
Bianca L.
You should floss afterwards as it is meant to remove bits left behind that u didn’t get with ur toothbrush. If u feel the need to brush after flossing it may be best to do it before and aftr
Selene A.
I think it is better to floss my teeth before brushing since a lot of the food that was stuck will be out and I can additionally clean my teeth with brushing
Elizabeth J.
I like to floss before I brush my teeth. That way, any particles that become loose during flossing are brushed away when I brush.
Gladys U.
I always do it after I brush my teeth. When I was younger, my dentist, orthodontist, and parent always said to floss after you brush your teeth at night. It is only recommended to do it once a day or you might hurt your gums.
Holly T.
I have been told it's better to floss before, it allows the toothbrush, toothpaste, and rinse to have access to recently flossed areas of the mouth.
Gizem F.
My dental hygienist said, it’s up to you. As long as you spend enough time flossing and cleaning. I like to floss before brushing, after that I brush and use a water pick. Helpful if you are prone to getting cavities like me!
Olivia C.
I floss after brushing my teeth and I never actually thought about doing it the other way around. But I might try it as after deep clean between teeth toothpaste will get to the corners that normally would be blocked with pieces removed by floss.
Melanie A.
Before. Flossing removes the debris from between your teeth, but it may still be stuck around the teeth. Brushing afterwards will make sure that all the plaque and debris are gone. However, flossing after brushing your teeth is better than not flossing at all.