Any good organic floss?

Emma Z.
Yes I use organic floss called pure silk eco floss it is also ecofriendly and compostable after use and is healthy for your teeth and the environment you can get it in all natural flavors it comes with a little glass container with a tin top it is reusable and the box it comes in is compostable you can also get refills here is the link!!!!!!

Biodegradable Dental Floss With a Refillable Glass Holder | Naturally Waxed With Candelilla Wax | 100% Compostable | 33yds/30m Natural Silk Spool | Eco-Friendly Zero Waste Oral Care | Mint Flavored

Randy E.
I haven’t tried it yet because I’m working my way through a Costco-sized bag of flossers but I’ve heard good things about COCOFloss.