I have fallen off the flossing habit wagon many times. How do you prevent yourself from doing just that?

William O.
Flossing is one of those habits I find hard to maintain, so it’s important for me to make it easy to floss on the days I’d rather skip. I sometimes go floss sitting at my vanity table or sitting in med so that I’m super comfortable while I floss. Worst case, it’s better if I floss between the front section of my teeth than skipping flossing entirely.

Jennie W.
Well, really it’s mostly motivation for me. I want my teeth to be healthy and flossing is very important in order to maintain good dental hygiene. It’s more important than I thought it was. You can do some research on the importance of flossing and maybe you’ll be more motivated. Goodluck. 😀

Sandra Y.
Setting myself a reminder alarm helps a lot. Another thing is I started flossing midday, because it seemed a little easier to add in after lunch rather than to my morning or night routine. Ideally I will floss at night too but at the very least if I can get it in at any part of the day it starts to feel good–yay, clean teeth!–and after a few days I realize how easy it is. The timer in the fabulous app has been helpful because it makes me realize how little time it actually takes to do. And then, most importantly, if I miss a day I don't beat myself up about it, and try to make it a part of my next day. I struggle with night routines in general, because I'm wiped out at the end of the day, so doing it in the afternoon has been successful and rewarding.

Alexander W.
Making it part of the tasks in the evening helps. Other than that I got in my head that I can’t brush my teeth until I floss.

Mathias B.
It took me a while to get into a habit of doing it every day, but I was determined! I started by leaving floss accessible anywhere in the house: kitchen, living room, bedroom, next to the sofa, on my desk, etc. This way, it was always close by and staring at me. Start out that way and keep leaving it everywhere (I use the ones that are floss picks because my mouth is small and the actual string by itself
is impossible for me to use) – the floss picks might motivate you to do it more often since it’s easier. You got this!!!

Lucas C.
I was never a big flosser. It really does help keep your oral care. I’m also lucky TO GO to the dentist. Not everyone can go. I know I’m extremely lucky, that helps me to remember to floss. I’ve seen first hand what can happen if you don’t floss regularly. I watch TV while I floss.

Arthur T.
Think of how good it feels to have a clean mouth! That is a reward in itself!! On evenings when I am super-tired and don’t want to do anything but fall into bed, I remind myself that, in addition to the clean feeling, I will:
1. Feel better in the morning. Never underestimate the positive power of starting your day without yesterday’s leftover regret.
2. Enjoy not having painful sensitive spots on my teeth.
3. Reduce/prevent gum soreness & recession.
4. Save $$$ by not needing extra dental work (fillings, crowns, etc..).
5. Protect long-term health. Flossing can reduce your heart disease risk. Seriously. Look it up.

In short: DO THE FLOSS! (Your teeth AND the dance , if you’re into that…). 😄

Milton E.
Buy a bright and colourful container for your floss and put it right by your toothbrush. Make it as easy access and as easy to remember as possible