How much do you floss and what’s motivating your habit?

Erica T.
I just started flossing with the fabulous app. It’s a thing we all know we need to do, and every time I go to the dentist they pound it in your head. But now with the motivation because it’s in my list, I do it every night. (3 nights and counting…)
Benjamin C.
Both my dentist and Fabulous have been motivating me to try and floss once a night. Knowing that taking an extra two minutes in the bathroom can save your gums is also motivating to me.
Dave A.
Pretty much daily. I'll forget once in a while, but I try for twice a day.

As to motivation- I never established good oral hygiene growing up due to a number of factors; so I asked my dental hygienist what was the single most important thing for me to do if I could only pick one thing and was told "floss".

As I understand it, simply flossing removes more gunk than brushing alone, and is more effective at getting the stuff under the gum line.

David R.
I floss every night since I started using Fabulous. I would floss only if I remembered before. Now I make sure I always have floss available and it’s always what I do before I brush my teeth. It is a habit now. Plus, I like to check it off on my evening routine!
Signe Z.
I floss using a water pik which really helps since it is faster, easier and more effective. Motivation is high so I don't get gum disease, so I floss twice a day.
Gene U.
2 minutes or so. My dentist told me that flossing is what cleans the teeth and brushing is more like polishing them. Plus there’s an association between dental health and heart health— so I reckon if I start now, I’ll be in better shape when I’m older. And my mom is 89 and flosses every day and has great teeth! Hope this helps.
Stella W.
I floss thoroughly every evening. The reason I do this is to avoid disease of the gums, of the heart, of the brain, and of the digestive system. I also want to have good breath.
Jost C.
I try to floss every evening before I go to bed in order to remove as much "stuff" possible that brushing alone misses. The less issues I have at the dentist, the less physical pain and less money out of my pocket.