How often do you floss?

Emily N.
If I’m being honest 1 every other day, if I’m lucky. I have a busy life so I don’t often get around to it however that might be the reason my friends are always telling I have stuff in my teeth. You should brush 1 time a day, at least that’s what my dentist says. Set aside some time everyday to brush, floss, and reflect on if you did the best you could do. You got this! xoxo emily
Leci Z.
I generally floss sporadically, but I am currently working on creating a consistent habit of flossing nightly. This makes me feel much better about my teeth and breath.
Nelson P.
I floss my teeth every evening before bed as my bedtime routine. I know it will prevent tooth and gum decay because brushing alone will not clean between teeth where food can get trapped and cause infection if left there. It will also cause bad breath.
Darlene O.
I use to floss only once a week. I would go awhile until it was bad enough that I had no choice. Over the course of this week, with the help of Fabulous I've flossed every day
Tammy E.
Now I floss every night. I never used to floss, but I just got my teeth cleaned and noticed my gums were pretty sore afterwards. I'm trying to up my self-care game (obviously since I got this app) and adding flossing to my evening routine is just one piece of the puzzle.
Brian Z.
I stopped flossing months ago! Sad & scary! I know I need to do it daily, but avoided it to use the time elsewhere. I think if I need to save time in the morning, I'll floss my top teeth in the morning & my bottom teeth that evening.
Lic Lia Z.
I usually floss every 2 days to make sure that my teeth are clean. Here is a little tip on how to pick your floss string as I call it always make sure to check what it contains as sometimes it can hurt your teeth
Joy P.
I never used to floss at all, but I've invested in a water flosser and made my routine to floss three times a day (only twice on Sundays) . All of my oral care concerns are gone, my teeth and gums have never been healthier.
Jose N.
I aim to floss every night, but there are those odd days I don't. However, I don't dwell on that but instead make up for it the following evening.
Randy S.
I floss daily, and I try to floss both in the morning and at night prior to go to bed. Flossing during the day is never an issue because it is what I naturally do as soon as I finish brushing my teeth daily. The greater issue is remembering to brush my teeth, as well as floss, at night whenever I am more tired and less inclined to put forth the effort of the extra few steps prior to bed.
Thea C.
I floss every morning and most evenings. I say most because sometimes I forget to floss when I'm tired from a long day or just busy dealing with the kids. But I try too floss as often as I can when I brush my teeth.
Katarina Q.
Every couple of days. I dont even use toothpaste everytime i brush my teeth, something about toothpaste makes me not want to use iz all the time, maybe all the ingredients. Flossing is really weird actually, i dont like shoving my hands in there and feeling the floss slice into my gum-tooth space, but it does feel nice once its all cleaned. I just forget about it i guess