How often do you floss? Once every day? Each time you brush your teeth?

Louanne E.
I have been trying to floss twice daily in the morning and evening. Better dental hygiene is important to me. I want to have whiter teeth.
Sebastian U.
I try to floss whenever I brush my teeth but I never had it in my daily routine. Now that I definitely need to, I will!!!
Nadia F.
Once every day before brushing my teeth at night. I do floss during the day too if I need to get something out that’s stuck. It’s important for me to do it at night though so I feel clean and prepared for optimal rest and rejuvenation overnight.
Russell C.
I brush once a day after dinner. I feel like I should be flossing more, but I’m starting with once a day at night when I have time. Then I want to move up to mornings as well.
Priscilla N.
I normally floss once a day. I actually just recently started flossing because I saw an interview of Steve-o where he said that his biggest regret in life was not flossing. Now that’s when you know it’s serious.
Natasha N.
I used to only floss every once in awhile, then once a day when I started using the app. Now I floss twice a day, after breakfast and before bed!