Toothpicks or floss?

P Ris C.
Floss! Toothpicks have their place getting chunks of food out, but floss really gets in between your teeth and into your gums where plaque builds up. Floss contributes to a healthier mouth with strong gums.

Shaunette O.
For oral hygiene…
Toothpicks can't get between the tooth and the gum like floss can.
You can still use both, though.
Since toothpicks are easier (more convenient), you can floss twice a week and use toothpicks the rest of the time.

Nino O.
Floss indefinitely. Unless your teeth naturally provide space in between for a toothpick to effectively remove left over food and gunk from multiple angles, floss is your best friend! It’s useful not only for simple maintenance but it’s lightweight and can be manipulated to wrap around teeth and remove potential plaque from curious angles.

Kathryn F.
Toothpicks are there for when it is inconvenient for you to whip out the floss. Floss helps get everything loose between your teeth where toothpicks are there mainly to get the larger stuff out