Do you brush/floss before or after breakfast? I hear both but always go after breakfast and I want to hear the other side

Kataraina Z.
I don’t have breakfast but I have had coffee before I jump in the shower and teeth brushing and flossing happens after that.
Dennis X.
During the week I brush before breakfast. I am used to grabbing an "on the go" style breakfast to eat during my commute or shortly after arriving at work. On the weekends however I prefer to enjoy a sit down breakfast with coffee or tea and brush after.
C Lestin Q.
After! I feel like I'm essentially wasting the brush if I eat immediately afterward, and it makes the food taste weird after my minty toothpaste
Miki O.
I brush after breakfast, that way I can make sure there's no food in my teeth and that sugar doesn't stay on my teeth and damage my enamel.
Tyrone W.
I floss before bed, so right at the end of the day. I tend to brush my teeth after breakfast so it doesn't impair the taste of my coffee and then my mouth is clean for a few hours after eating. As I floss before bed I don't feel the need to brush as soon as I wake up!