Yes, how did other people build the Floss habit in their routine?

Lisete F.
How people build floss into there routine would be by first buying the floss to get motivated then put it into your routine and little by little when you see the floss or if you remember to floss you'll start doing it on a daily
Same T.
I found it easy to incorporate in my evening routine because I was reinforcing the same habit with my children. It’s important to brush twice a day and it just seemed like a good idea to floss at the end of the day when you are through eating for the day.
Frida Y.
I worked together with a friend. We had a "brush/floss challenge" with a reward for 30 days of continuous brushing and flossing morning and night. Previously, I didn't have good habits and this has really cemented it. Worked much better than expected and has stopped my deteriorating dental hygiene.
Robert O.
But the little picks and leave them by your toothbrush or in the shower so that you see them in the morning and are easily accessible
Jamie C.
Try the BrushingHero app for iPhone! I think it’s funny. I had cavity once, so now I’m too scared and that makes me floss.