How can flossing save your life?

Noemie Q.
It can prevent heart disease. It will prevent tooth decay. It could prevent expensive visits to the dentist. It prevents bad breat.
Shannon E.
It helps promote gum health, which helps you keep your teeth, which helps your diet, which affects your activity level, which extends and improves the quality of life
Erika S.
I don't know if it can save your life, unless you make a rope from it and hang yourself.
Seriously though,a medical report published a few years ago by the UK medical profession suggested that if you didn't remove the plaque from your teeth, swallowing it instead, could cause a cardiac arrest.
Something to do with poison/clogging and building up in your arteries.
I'm not a doctor,dentist or linked to the medical profession, so I've no idea if the report was on the level.