Do you think flossing is important? If you don’t or do, why so?

Ewen N.
Yes because it removes the dental plaque in a way that is more effective and long lasting than hoping the biannual dental visit will do the trick
Clinton E.
I used to get inflammation in my gums between the teeth and that is gone since I started flossing every day. I also have better breath since I remove more bacteria.
Gisela B.
Flossing is definitely very important. Ayurvedic Medicine of India follows the thought that all disease begins from the mouth. There have been studies that show that people that don’t floss and keep proper oral hygiene are far more likely to eventually have Alzheimer’s as opposed to people who floss regularly. They have found that a certain bacteria formed in the mouth from improper hygiene found in samples taken from people with Alzheimer’s.