Are there habits I should look out for?

Jonas Z.
I’m not sure if I understand the question, so please forgive me if I answer it in a way you didn’t intend. I think what you’re asking is whether there are habits that might be considered tricky or negative if done in the wrong way. In my experience, the biggest risk is taking on too many new habits at once, and/or getting caught up in thinking that a habit has to be done PERFECTLY in order to be able to check it off. For the first issue, too many new habits at once, you risk setting yourself up for failure by adding a bunch of new things at one time because you haven’t gotten automatic at anything yet. This makes it all feel like really hard work and you’re more likely to just give it all up, versus starting with only one or two new habits, which would be more manageable. For the second issue, needing to be perfect, there are some days where we’re tired or incredibly busy, and we have a limited amount of willpower. If you’re going to have a ‘perfect or nothing’ attitude about habits on those days, you’ll start to resent the process. Always try to do something towards each habit every day, but accept that your best is going to change from day to day and that sometimes you might not get to something, and sometimes you might not do something (like flossing!) in the best way possible. At least you tried!!
Madison J.
I’m just getting started so still on the water-breakfast-exercise beginner level. Hope others have some good answers for you!
Stacey T.
All habits lead you either away from or closer to your goals. Take note of all of your routines and habits make revisions accordingly. All habits are optional. Choose the top 3-4 wisely. This will cause incredible growth just by doing what's most important by habit. Happy trails!
Kristian O.
Habits of body and mind go hand in hand. If you’re overeating, do a food habit. If you’re not sleeping do a sleep habit. Don’t try to solve overeating with meditation. Combine small habits of mind with body for best results. Don’t treat yourself dualistically. You are not a person trapped in a “meat-suit”. You are a psychosomatic unity. What are the implications of that for how you choose your habits?