Is it ever too late to floss?

Camille I.
When you have no teeth left. It is useful in general, even if your mouth is in very bad condition. However there are better ways to clean your teeth if you are missing many of them, there are special toothbrushes. I don't know where you live, but if you can go to a dental office to get a better cleaning plan.
Kenzi S.
Not that I know of, although once your gums recede to a certain point you may need surgery. Even if flossing hurts (and makes your gums bleed) you should still do it every day. After a while of flossing regularly,the bleeding should stop. You should floss everyday, right before you brush your teeth.
Antonin Y.
It’s never too late to start flossing or anything good for for that matter. I had trouble getting into the flossing habit but just after 3 days of doing it I can’t imagine feeling comfortable with forgoing it because I now know that brushing alone only deals with 60% of the bacteri causing plaque.
I know you will find it gratifying to know you are doing yourself good. Just do it once for a minute. Feels great! You will want to duplicate that feeling of getting it done again!
Amelia J.
It’s never too late to floss. Once you start and make it a habit it gets difficult to turn back and stop doing it. And it helps when you get a compliment from your dentist about flossing!
Marie F.
Its okay to forget sometimes, other times you remember but still skip because you think you already did but haven't but as soon as you realise that you truly haven't its never too late to correct yourself and do what is right.
Marsha X.
As a 50+ year old I can tell you that you’ll be grateful that you started a daily flossing regime, no matter at what age you start. I didn’t really start until my 30s… but still it was only once or twice a week (just off and on before that). And thanks to Faboulous, I’m up to twice a day!

With practice, it only takes 2 or 3 minutes — no big deal! And it DOES make a difference in your health and confidence. (Your gum health can even affect your heart health! And it will certainly affect your dental bills.)

Please floss! Its important!