What’s the most effective but easiest to use type of floss to decrease the activation energy it takes to complete this habit?

Daiane N.
The floss attached to a plastic handle is by far the easiest I have come by. I use the one with two strings attached, seems better. Good luck with your flossing, you'll do great!
Afonso U.
I like to use those gloss sticks.. they come with a ton in a bag and you just take one it and Bam. It's on a stick so it's easier to get in the back and you just throw it away when you're done.
Ismail U.
I started with regular floss and only did my front 4 teeth top and bottom. That got me used to picking up the floss, so working back further wasn't a huge deal.
Isa As S.
I have braces so I get these pick things that I put under my braces. They help a lot! You can floss your teeth less then 2 minutes. But when you don’t use the pick it takes about 5 minutes. This message is for anyone’s who has braces who needs a faster way to floss.
Oxana Z.
I really like the dental floss pick. And watching the stuff come off my teeth in the mirror. It's satisfying to watch as it scrapes off the days grossness.