Why didn’t you floss before?

Anita Lawrence
It was a pain with braces, but when I got older my boyfriend (now husband) insisted that I floss. That was enough motivation. Now the dentist always compliments my flossing and it is a quick easy habit.

Leonor Teixeira
When I was a kid there was no recommendation to floss. When I became older, I didn't have the habit and also seemed like a like of time to do for every teeth. Also, I didn't understand the benefits of doing it. Now I got a water pik and is easy and efficient to do the flossing.

Dan Ross
Because it takes too much time! Wow how lazy is that! I also don’t like the feeling as the floss goes through the gap between the teeth as my teeth are very close together!

Johnny Henderson
I always floss in the am – just have not made it a health habit in the pm. I used to not brush my teeth at night – now i wouldn’t dream of not

Manuel Gardner
Only use to floss week before I went to the dentist just so I can say I do floss. Did try to carry on but I did not really want to. Now I want to do the little things that help me feel better.

Canan Mück
I have always flossed; however, I have Veneers and for those few teeth with Veneers, one uses a different means of cleaning similar to flossing.