How do I stay motivated to floss late at night?

Mille A.
To keep it 100, just think about all the things he that will end up happening to your teeth and gums if you don’t flaps look up gum disease and people never flossing so you can get a view of what it’s like.

Katarina Z.
I stay motivated with telling myself that my health will get better by doing this plus with the help of this app it’s so much easier to keep track of my priorities

Nicoline W.
It helps me that I want to finish all my routines for the day. I also would recommend flossing first and then brushing your teeth, or even having some floss by your bedside table/wherever you usually are when you lose motivation

Virgil P.
Hello. I must say that i just hate dirty teeth and i really like the feeling of having my mouth completley clensed. It is also easier to clean in the morning because there is not that much work with it. I would rather sleep with make up on than with floss-less mouth 😀 But seriously now, in a way i think that in many things we (people) should just do it rather than thinking how to stay motivated. Just do it and do not question it. Good luck

Eva P.
Just imagine getting really old without seeing your dentist other than for check-ups. If you have, like me, seen kind of much of the dentist, that helps for motivation.

Lauma C.
I have paired it with "brush my teeth" and I do them as one task, that gives me two victories. Happy emotion I get when I thick those boxes in Fabulous is worth investing my time. And teeth brushing is one of easy "boxes to get". I keep some of other habbits in pairs ar well, as "exercise" and "morning shower", or "breakfast" and "brush my teeth" or "reflect on day" and "plan the next day". Pairing helps, as after first one I do the second one automatically.

The P.
Honestly it’s not easy to remember or feel motivated the first couple days! But try to floss and brush your teeth earlier than rather at 2:00 am! It’s makes it easier to do trust me I’ll be watching a show it’s two in the morning and I’m to tired! Some days you can skip it totally ok as long as you do your best That’s what matters!!! 🙂

Frida W.
Don't leave it until late. If you floss shortly after your evening meal, you won't be tempted to eat late night snacks. You'll also feel more like drinking water or herbal tea, so that you won't spoil the clean feeling that flossing gives you. And lastly, use floss picks…they are quicker to use, so if you do come home late at night it won't feel like such a time consuming task 😁

Hold F.
Honestly I'm working on this too. So far what is the strongest bet for me is to do it as soon as possible. Before I get to the point of ready to pass out from fatigue. Taking the opportunity if for instance I'm washing my hands, already there, I start to floss before I even go to my seductive bed. I don't always have the discipline to resist laying down with a blanket on me before completing nightly dental care. My pattern is hurting me. So it helps to keep the reason for the motivation in mind too. It's a source to gain energy and determination from. I love preventing and reducing harm where possible and I want to take better care of myself because I want to live a long a n d full life, neither one or the other. I want to prevent myself from further damaging my own teeth and instead care of them as part of me. I deserve the care and attention. This motivates me.

Emi F.
i remember that it will only benefit me in the long run. it will make me healthier and there is nothing wrong with that.

Jonathan J.
This is a hard one even i struggle with. I have been incorporating a floss routine mid-day; but at night I would say it's best to reward yourself somehow or associate the action to ending the night; no longer eating for the evening and getting into sleep mode.

Deusete Q.
For me, I think about the fact that there is bacteria built up between my teeth that my toothbrush can't reach; I see flossing as an extension of brushing my teeth. Keep your floss or water flosser next to your toothbrush and toothpaste so it isn't an extra chore to grab and use it. I personally use floss picks 90% of the time, so I can floss while lying in bed or sitting on the couch. Makes it less of a task and into the same thing as grabbing my phone or putting on chap stick. Also, keep reminding yourself that it only takes 30 seconds to floss your entire mouth. It’s such a quick task, just do it to get it done.

Joy R.
I find motivation by treating my flossing session like a mini-getaway for myself. I grab a headset or a Bluetooth speaker and I shut myself away from the world for a bit. I listen to some good music or a podcast or audiobook I’ve been saving for a rainy day. Instead of flossing being a chore, it becomes a treat. And it feels so good once I am done!

Magnus B.
I like flossing better than brushing naturally, but I am always more motivated to floss on days where I've eaten a whole apple or popcorn or anything else that is easily caught in between teeth.

Annie F.
Think of why it is important to floss. You are doing your future self a favor. You will still need your teeth for a lot more years so you need to take care of them. You won’t be able to enjoy all the food that you love if you have bad teeth. It also costs so much more to fix or replace bad teeth than to just floss regularly at night. You can do it!

La Rcio W.
I've made a habit of flossing while my kids brush their teeth before they go to bed. It's something I'm already doing every night, and it helps to stop the mindless eating at night too 🤷‍♀️

L On Y.
I think about my next dentist's appointment, and how proud I feel when they tell me my teeth look great. I also feel good once I've flossed, so I make sure to do it every night, or at least once a day.

Sofia J.
Keep the floss at hand in your bathroom or by your bedside. By setting yourself up for succes the effort is more easily made. Think of it as selfcare

Jk F.
Well you can read story books , get a shower to feel refreshed , read some thoughts , do your daily journal, listen to sleepy music …..
Well I do these all things.

Clifton Q.
Get yourself to the mirror and floss between your teeth once. And then you will find yourself flossing your entire mouth.

Jeremy X.
It’s just a habit. I imagine that if I don’t, something will be rotting between my teeth. That’s gross and makes gums bleed so that’s enough to motivate me

Frank Z.
Make it as easy as possible! If you're still using floss out of a box, use those pre-threaded floss sticks instead Or use a Water pik.

Behrouz G.
You should look at it as a improvement of yourself. Sometimes it helps thinking about how bad the bacterias that stay there overnight and that you would like to wake up fresh. Else, just do it!

Zoey N.
I keep the floss out all the time. I remind myself how simple it is and that it’ll feel good to check it off. It’ll be awesome to go to the dentist and not bleed… plus it’s preventing cavities that cost $$$$

Dina X.
When I don't want to floss I remember the toothache, how much I had to pay the dentist and the fact that my tooth is not as good as it was before. Then, I floss!

Ronnie P.
Well honestly it's not easy but if you can't get motivated Turn flossing into a little game that's how I do it so try it see if it works.

Hana F.
I always think about, why am I doing this? The reason: it can add years to your life.
Also: it can be expensive and painful to spend money on your mouth at the dentist. Avoid that at all costs? That means flossing.
Having a routine helps me too. I groom my face and get ready for bed, brush my teeth, then wash my hands, then floss. It’s much easier to stick your fingers in your mouth when your hands are clean. Mouthwash after flossing for the cherry on top. After a while you will start to want to floss, your mouth won’t feel clean without it.

Jeff J.
Man, this is tough. One thing that has helped me build habits is to set the bare minimum requirement for yourself. Every evening, I will pick up floss and floss at least 1 tooth space. Most days, that will feel silly and you will probably do more, but when you are feeling unmotivated, it is a lot easier to get it done than holding yourself to every single tooth every single day

Nathan X.
Flossing for me is a sign that I have done something for me that I am committed to.
It makes me feel good like I am taking myself seriously.
It also feels good

Bethan P.
I use a water flosser. It is sooo much less effort than manual flossing so more inclined to use it. And no waste at the end so can feel good about the choice.

Est Ban O.
Honestly I just think flossing is fun, plus I get really obsessive about flossing every little area of my teeth so I get it’s a gift for the curse.

Kevin T.
I keep my floss right next to my toothbrush, and I remind myself of how clean my teeth feel after brushing and flossing. My girlfriend keeps her floss next to the chair she likes to sit in in the evenings, so she doesn't even have to go anywhere to get it. Good luck! 🍀

Stephanie L.
Keeping the floss in an easily accessible place, maybe in a couple of places such as near your bedside and near your sink will make it a lot easier to floss. Additionally, you can floss while doing other things like watching tv or winding down for bed, so it doesn’t seem like as a big of a deal or interruption to your evening.

Ken G.
I set me reminder to floss and brush my teeth and give myself time to do it even if I don't feel like it. I remind myself that it only takes 1 minute and that one minute everyday adds up to less cavaties and much better hygiene

Joel E.
It’s the requirements of the day,
The floss, the water takes all your unrest and gives you a different perspective, a different relaxing feel. You spent thousands on getting that feeling, not just relaxing the limbs but the whole satisfaction on just pouring some water on you. That’s for free and Best!
It’s just not covering the whole answer but Give it a try.

Ken Z.
try to have a simple nighttime routine, i drink water then brush my teeth, floss and wash my face, this way you aren’t overwhelmed and it’s easier to find motivation, if you brush your teeth every night then i think it’ll be easier to incorporate it into your routine.

Ursel U.
You could keep floss next to you or in your pocket. Maybe you could put it next to something you always use so you wouldn’t forget.

Elena A.
To be honest, I don’t always do it if it’s late enough and I’m tired enough. But as long as I brush my teeth, I floss them too. I have those floss pick things that help.

Carl S.
If your gonna take the time to brush your teeth taking an extra thity seconds to floss is worth it. Most people don't do much so taking an extra 30secs to a minute to floss instead of spending that time doing nothing is worth it and does a lot more than people think. Plus your dentist will be happy.

Skyler F.
I know it’s hard to have multiple things in your nighttime routine when you’re super tired. Especially when flossing doesn’t seem as important when you already brush your teeth, but something I found that helps is making flossing and brushing my teeth a pair. I can’t do one without the other before I go to bed. Also try to brush your teeth/floss earlier in your nighttime routine so you’re not tempted to just skip over it because so you’re so close to finally getting to bed.

Jackie C.
I try to do all of my nightly routines at once; brush my teeth and floss, shower, and skincare. That way, I don't have to go back and forth, and once I'm done, I can relax.

Sarah B.
I find flossing in the morning is better as I have more energy. If I needed to floss at night for time reasons, I'd leave something I really need for my bedtime routine in the bathroom so I'd have to get it every night.

Diana Z.
I’ve had trouble with flossing late at night as well. Don’t beat yourself up, it’s a time when our will power reserves for the day are at their lowest. I’ve got back to flossing daily by making flossing part of my morning routine when I have more will power. I also bought the most comfortable floss I could find so there is no pain (negative association) while flossing. I’m hoping over time once my morning routine is truly routine I can transfer it to the evening. At least for now I can look my dentist in the eye and say “ yes, I floss daily” 😀

Ilija F.
I make it a part of my bedtime routine. Say if you go to the bathroom before bed, you're already in there so why not brush then floss and rinse? I use mouthwash after I floss just for good measure. Bad tooth and gum health can lead to many other health issues, do it because it will benefit your health and your smile will be so much brighter!

Eva Marie F.
I brush my teeth before I go to sleep. Also, I just removed my braces. My dentist give me some tips to maintain a healthy teeth and one of them is to floss everyday.

Lara E.
Remember tô always floss só your mouth feels fresh all the time. You will Also have Nice teeth and feel better about yourself… It only takes a minute.. Go for it

Ramon N.
I try to floss before I even go into my bedroom. Once I lay down, I know I won’t get back up to go do it. I’m also experimenting with different types of floss to see what makes it the easiest to do. When I saw my dentist a few weeks ago she said it’s important to get everything out of your mouth before you sleep. She says she brushes and flosses right after dinner so she doesn’t have to worry about it later when she’s tired.

Sina T.
Personally i keep my floss near my bed. its really helping i suggest dont keep your floss in your bathroom just make a nice and clean space for it for example on your night stand. Sorry for my bad english im not a native

Lina U.
Sometimes when I floss after brushing my teeth there is still pieces of food that come out. Just imagine if I hadn't flossed and those pieces sat in my teeth for over 8 hours, reacting with my salivary enzymes and degrading my teeth over time. After deciding to floss everyday without exceptions, I formed a habit of it and now I rarely forget. Once I remember, it's quick and easy to do. Find a reminder of why it's so important to floss and then promise yourself to take care of your teeth everyday because it's important to you. Once you start doing that it gets easier and just becomes a part of the process of brushing your teeth! It only adds a minute to your dental care routine.

August X.
Put the floss by your toothbrush then when you brush your teeth (usually a habit already formed) it's easily in reach and easy to find and therefore easily doable

Sicaa T.
I stay motivated when i think about all the consequences of not flossing. It's been proven that a lot of your health problems comes from your mouth and more precisely your gums and teeth's health. In fact some big diseases can be activated because of inflamed gums. Eventually brushing cannot go between teeth only the flossing can

Alix Q.
I don’t floss. I only floss the night before the dentist and the day of. Of course if i visibly see something in my teeth I will floss but any other time I do not. This is an issue especially because my dentist harps on me. I’ve also never had a cavity. I wish I was motivated enough to floss my teeth in the first place.

Ana S Z.
I think of all the benefits of flossing and how it can save time and money in the future for doing such a small and simple thing now.

Pamda Y.
Personally, I had a dental scaling recently and now that there is no plaque built up, I'm more inclined to take care of my teeth. It became a habit after the first weeks.

Nikola N.
i hate the feeling when my mouth feels dirty or my teeth have something stuck between them so i just try to get it over with

Jj Y.
Best way to build habits is to tie to an existing habit. In this case brushing. Try flossing before brushing instead of after. If you get in the habit of flossing before you won't have to rely on motivation which is fleeting and unreliable.

Sander Y.
Just make it a natural follow up to brushing; put the floss beside your toothbrush and reach for it immediately after putting the toothbrush away

Edouard E.
I stay motivated by keeping the floss directly underneath my toothbrush. Which I actually keep in my bedroom and then go to the bathroom with. I also notice a difference even a few days in my gums are not bleeding and teeth feel fresher. It's all about making it easy for yourself. Plus I have prompts on my phone too

Aiden N.
What helps me is to think to myself – I am gonna just floss for 10 seconds. And not more. And as you start it, it will be easier to continue and do full routine! The power of small steps.

Montse T.
Knowing that a history of dental problems plagues the family and knowing that if I can take care
Of my teeth now, I won’t have to get them removed or have painful surgeries and costly dental bills down the line

Kim U.
Force yourself to do it just before crahing to your bed. Of you lay down first, force yourself to get up and brush your teeth.

Amy O.
I put on a podcast while I do it so that I’m feeling entertained and want to stretch out my evening ritual a little longer. I go to bed pretty early though. Maybe try flossing right after your last meal or after the last thing you eat instead of waiting until right before bed. Then brush right before bed.

Lily Z.
I like to listen to my favourite music while I floss, picturing the difference flossing can make for my health also helps too 😀.

Ac Z.
I personally think of what my doctor would say or do if they saw me just skipping flossing and it gives me motivation to floss in order to keep my hygiene healthy

Justin Y.
I get annoyed at how my teeth look. It wants me to correct them. I badly focus on a routine at night just as much as in the morning. I always finish my daily chores around the house, those are always unplanned, then I proceed to the bathroom and relax while watching something on my phone while doing bathroom things. I then look in the mirror, try to look back on the day and see what I can fix or change, and what is supposed to be happening in the coming day. I proceed to brush my teeth, floss, then take mouth wash. Always finish it off with a drink of ice cold water just to get that shock and relief. Then I proceed to lotion my hands or anywhere that needs it. Next I kiss my family good night, set my alarms, then lay down in bed. Having a routine makes me feel like I've accomplished something with every step of the way. If I miss something, like flossing, then everything just seems off to me. I hope that answers your question, and most likely over answered it.

Cynthia O.
I put my floss right beside my toothbrush and the very last thing I always do is use the washroom before I go to bed and there is my toothbrush and my floss sitting there waiting for me

Kortney J.
The moderation is just seeing the reminder on the screen. I like having up because it is something but have a hard time remembering. The app helps me be accountable.

Emily E.
Honestly, just don't go to bed until you have. You are usually in the bathroom at one point during the night, so, before you brush your teeth, floss. It takes a total of a minute and, if you make it a rule that you can't go to bed without doing so, it helps. Just leave the floss out and keep it on your checklist on this app and every night you look at that list, it'll help. I don't even need to look, but knowing I get to check it off afterwards feels great.

Andre P.
Think about how flossing is easier (and faster) than taking care of dental problems down the road. Flossing can prevent unnecessary pain that might come down the road. Also, you want your gums and teeth to be able to handle whatever delicious foods you decide to enjoy in your lifetime without causing you problems! Eating should be enjoyable not painful or uncomfortable! Finally, they say flossing can lengthen your lifespan; who doesn't want to live a longer life!?

Skye Z.
I remember that I could lose my teeth and gums health if I don't floss. I recently went to the dentist and they had to work extremely hard to get all the plaque of my teeth and it was very painful. Won't be doing that again! I'd rather floss. 😁

Crystal E.
I want to have teeth that I’m proud to show, especially when I smile. I want people to say, “wow she has a pretty smile” or “wow she has white teeth”. I also don’t want to have complications with my teeth or gums when I’m older so I know if I keep flossing faithfully, my oral hygiene will be in tip top shape.

Lynette P.
When you go in to the bathroom just before bed, grab a flossing tool of your choice.
Begin flossing.

Think of it as you do your nightly routine… it's something that is necessary before bed. Like getting undressed, going potty, brushing your hair, getting a drink, taking off your glasses,etc. Every little thing we do is one more thing in our routines. Just find a place for flossing. It's good for our teeth.