How do I stay motivated to floss late at night?

The P.
Honestly it’s not easy to remember or feel motivated the first couple days! But try to floss and brush your teeth earlier than rather at 2:00 am! It’s makes it easier to do trust me I’ll be watching a show it’s two in the morning and I’m to tired! Some days you can skip it totally ok as long as you do your best That’s what matters!!! 🙂

Skyler F.
I know it’s hard to have multiple things in your nighttime routine when you’re super tired. Especially when flossing doesn’t seem as important when you already brush your teeth, but something I found that helps is making flossing and brushing my teeth a pair. I can’t do one without the other before I go to bed. Also try to brush your teeth/floss earlier in your nighttime routine so you’re not tempted to just skip over it because so you’re so close to finally getting to bed.

Ana S Z.
I think of all the benefits of flossing and how it can save time and money in the future for doing such a small and simple thing now.

Amy O.
I put on a podcast while I do it so that I’m feeling entertained and want to stretch out my evening ritual a little longer. I go to bed pretty early though. Maybe try flossing right after your last meal or after the last thing you eat instead of waiting until right before bed. Then brush right before bed.

Justin Y.
I get annoyed at how my teeth look. It wants me to correct them. I badly focus on a routine at night just as much as in the morning. I always finish my daily chores around the house, those are always unplanned, then I proceed to the bathroom and relax while watching something on my phone while doing bathroom things. I then look in the mirror, try to look back on the day and see what I can fix or change, and what is supposed to be happening in the coming day. I proceed to brush my teeth, floss, then take mouth wash. Always finish it off with a drink of ice cold water just to get that shock and relief. Then I proceed to lotion my hands or anywhere that needs it. Next I kiss my family good night, set my alarms, then lay down in bed. Having a routine makes me feel like I've accomplished something with every step of the way. If I miss something, like flossing, then everything just seems off to me. I hope that answers your question, and most likely over answered it.

Zoey N.
I keep the floss out all the time. I remind myself how simple it is and that it’ll feel good to check it off. It’ll be awesome to go to the dentist and not bleed… plus it’s preventing cavities that cost $$$$

Aiden N.
What helps me is to think to myself – I am gonna just floss for 10 seconds. And not more. And as you start it, it will be easier to continue and do full routine! The power of small steps.