How long do you floss

Liva Z.
I think 2 minutes is what is recommended but I honestly don't time myself. I floss until my whole mouth is done. I take my time in between each tooth and wiggle in sort of a "Y" motion on either side of the gum. Flossing wont do much if you're just sticking it between the teeth for a second and moving on.

Alessandro J.
2-3 times between each tooth. If you regularly floss you shouldn't be using enough force to bleed. Just make sure to put slightly more pressure on one tooth, then the adjacent.

Maxence Z.
Takes roughly 2 minutes. I just do it like the dentist would. Between each tooth and a little wiggle while you are between. Then out and to the next one. Both top and bottom. Goes by quick each one but altogether probably lasts like i said 2 minutes

Lynn N.
I don’t focus on time that much actually, I just try and make sure to floss everywhere and do so thoroughly. On average I’d say this takes me around two minutes.

Serena V.
I use my electric water pik, and go for about a minute.
When I use regular floss (less frequent), I have a good one over on each side of the tooth, and extra floss "problem" teeth.

Song L N.
I’ve never really thought about it. Probably around 1 minute or so. Although it’s less about time and more about making sure I get all the “gunk” out of my teeth. It also depends on how much I’ve been flossing recently. If I’ve been pretty good it won’t take too long. If I’ve been a bit lax, it’ll take a bit long and I’ll have to make more passes

Caroline T.
I had braces so flossing takes longer for me because I have to use a special product (it gets under the permanent wire at the back of my teeth) so it takes a bit longer for me. That being said I think it's more about quality. Take your time to floss beside each tooth. Always check with your dentist if your technique is ok. I usually floss between 1-2 mins depending on my mood 😆

Maxine F.
I usually floss for around 3mins. I’m trying to maintain a habit of flossing every couple of days. Hopefully it’ll work out.