What other dental hygiene habits besides flossing and brushing do you recommend?

Sara Y.
I would recommend investing in an electric toothbrush – I bought one that comes with an app which I can monitor my progress and it is awesome 🙂
Jonas G.
After flossing I use mouth wash to kill the initial germs. After using mouth wash I brush my teeth and than I use my tongue brush and clean my tongue. After that I use mouth wash for the last time.
Hemit Rio Z.
Buy a copper (because it repels bacteria) tongue scraper and use it morning and evening after brushing your teeth. Finish with mouthwash, game changer!
Rose Q.
I also use a water pick at night before bed, then rinse with listerine total. In addition , I brush with activated coconut charcoal powder about once a week. It’s supposed to help prevent gum disease as well as whiten teeth.
Susanne Q.
I have struggled with flossing forever. I recommend a Waterpik. I don’t have any other suggestions other than to always finish with mouthwash.
Jo X.
Dietary changes. Ease up on the sweets and sodas, even coffee and wine are acidic and can breakdown the enamel on your teeth. Don't brush your teeth until 30 minutes after drinking sodas, coffee, or wine. Instead, swish water in your mouth just after drinking those and brush later.
Emilie Y.
Interdental brushes are good. And besides perfect cleaning, a right choice of good quality products e.g. toothpaste without fluorid is crucial.
Livio P.
After brushing the teeth, use water with pressure, this wet away the small parts of food that the brush or the floss don't take out