What tool do you use for flossing and how wasteful is it? I use some rubber toothpicks myself, and some string on fork picks, but would like to find a less wasteful solution.

Ainhoa C.
I understand! I am not happy with the waste involved in traditional flossers, nor the pain involved with floss tape!
So I got myself a water flosser, and eliminated both! My flosser even came with instructions of how to dismantle it for various parts to be recycled in the future 😊

Hailey J.
I use a flat floss; Glide is one brand. I find use of flat floss is easier to manage. With practice it goes really quickly. I can’t imagine not doing it now; it’s an important part of the routine.

Edir F.
I totally understand this! I was very frustrated by waste generated by flossing, even seemingly environmentally conscious options.

I also didn't enjoy or succeed in flossing except with those shaped like a toothbrush – with a long handle enabling easier access to back teeth…

However, I have never flossed as frequently as I do now, with my water flosser. The brand I got came with instructions of how to dismantle it into its various parts for recycling. It's called a Soho, and was around $40NZD, which translates to around $26USD.