Do you floss regularly or is this a new habbit?

Enrique P.
I used to floss regularly then as I grew older and busier, it became a difficult task to accomplish – I now find myself needing to floss every day because of this app
Nicole F.
I floss regularly. I treat it as a necessary habit, rather than an optional one. For example, it is necessary for me to shower after a workout, to change into my pajamas to sleep, and change the litter box as soon as I wake up. So when I get ready for bed, if I have time to brush my teeth then I also have time to floss. That methodology has been helping me floss at least 5x a week.
Amy N.
I started flossing regularly a while ago as a way to practice building a new habit. Now I don't feel ready for bed unless I've flossed.
Lucia T.
I did it regularly in the past, but now it is becoming a daily habit, before I used to skip a few days, very embarrassing 😅
Eloane Q.
It's a new habit. I would do it every once in a while or have random bouts of motivation. But now I have been able to do it consistently
Gomes G.
A bit of both.
I used to fkoss occasionally, once a week or so, and i have a dental issue that requires me to do this daily now, and had slacked off, so have used my fabulous journey to help create a strong habit!
Thelma N.
Flossing is a new habit that I want to reinforce. I also want to make sure I brush my teeth every night before I go to bed.
Cassandra N.
This is new for me. I've known it's something I should be doing but having a reminder has made it something I'm striving for
Amy C.
I have flossed before but not consistently. I am self conscious about my teeth and look forward to doing everything I can to keep an inviting smile. It only takes a few minutes and it feels good to go to bed with a sparking clean mouth!
Lexi N.
It’s an on again off again habit of mine. Considering how iffy my dental health can be it really shouldn’t be something that I shirk. I’ve been really good with it before but it’s easy for me to get off track with it.
Ashlin X.
I didnt floss as much as I should have. My teeth were always good without flossing however I've been hearing horror stories of ppl not flossing and having perfect teeth then all of a sudden they are bad so not going to take that chance
Rosenira N.
I floss on-and-off regularly. I'll go through times of flossing most days and then rarely ever flossing. This is the first time I've done it habitually and tracked it. Also, before starting FAB, I had been in a period of rarely flossing. I'm really glad I'm back on. (My parents floss every night! and my mom has done so for as long as I can remember!)
Annette T.
No flossing was always difficult and usually initiated with a dentist or hygienist appointment approaching. It is great to take action that could benefit the health of my gums
Liara F.
I floss but not regularly. But I am trying for the daily. I dont like the feeling of food in my teeth. I just didnt feel it was important as I do for most things. But a friend told me he does daily so he doesn't get cavities . I discover that's important to me so now I do it when Fabilous tells me too. I still haven't caught the habit.
Nia J.
Flossing is a new regular habit for me now as I used to buy floss but never actually floss. I feel really good for the time taken to floss.
I Ri A.
I didn't floss everyday, as often as I should, so I have been focusing on trying to do it at a consant rate, or daily. So it's somewhat both.
Emily T.
I floss regularly now. In the past I flossed inconsistently. Sometimes in the morning or evening, maybe every other day or two. In the past 66 days, I’ve been able to successfully establish the flossing in the evening.