Do you floss before or after you brush teeth?

Sophie Morgan-Jones
I personally floss after brushing so that I don't push anything back in between the teeth. I follow it up with a mouthwash.

Alexander Shevchenko
Since I usually don't brush my teeth in the morning – instead. But when I do brush – after flossing, to remove the bits out of my mouth.

Do you floss before you brush your teeth. That way when you do brush your teeth the toothpaste can get in between the gap’s of your teeth, and if you use a fluoride toothpaste or one without bleaching agent, it will be more effective.

Estrelita Whitehouse
Usually before if it's morning, but after brushing at night because I floss in bed. But I'm not sure if it matters, as long as you floss!

Pio Nascimento
I floss before I brush my teeth. That way, I brush away any remaining gunk and also my toothpaste will reach gaps that might have been blocked.

Atlan Nich
I asked my dental hygenist, she said floss first, then brush. If you brush first, you pack the gunk in between the teeth. Flossing pulls everything out so the brushing can thenclear away the gunk.

Stephanie Lopez
I floss in the afternoon, but if I were to floss on my morning or night routine, I would floss after I brush my teeth because I will feel take away all the stuff that my brush couldn’t reach and finish with mouthwash.

Åsa Jonsson
Depends. I would like to do it before, but I’ve heard it doesn’t really matter. I’m trying to create the habit of doing it after breakfast while still reading the morning paper.

Amélie Roger
I floss after brushing. Because then you can make sure you fitnesses all the stuff out definitely but both ways work what ever you think would be better for you!

Soren Gaillard
I floss after brushing my teeth, so if my gums get irritated because of flossing I won't have to irritate them more by brushing after. Also I feel like I might brush some dirt back inbetween if I'd floss before brushing, don't know if that's true though!