Do you always floss the same way? Same order? Or change it up?

Fabio W.
I always floss the same way. The task is boring, but it's committed to muscle memory somewhat, so I can gain processing time on some of my brain's hardware for other things while I do it — or idle them. If I were to change it up, it wouldn't be a routine, and it would always be taking extra mental resources to do — depleting them so I can't be as effective later on in the day. Little decisions like this seem trivial, but they add up quickly. Routines free us from that.
Ivanice Q.
I always floss the same way- start in the middle on the bottom and move to my left then my right. Then I do the same on top!
Frida W.
Lol I am not sure of the importance of this question. However, I do not floss the same way everytime. I just make sure I get all the teeth spacers
Gotthilf C.
I always floss in the same order. Sometimes, when I really just want to go to bed, I’ll just floss the teeth closest to my front teeth and neglect my molars. My theory is that it’s better to do an easier version of the habit than to skip the habit all together.