Any tips on being more efficient?

Earl Y.
I feel that there are two primary components to being efficient. The first is preparation. You must gather all resources and set aside the proper time for each activity.

The next one is visualization. You have to walk through in your head every step you are going to take in great detail.

As you go through iterations of this two step process you will see that visualization helps you prepare. As you go, you will adjust and tweak your process to make it more efficient. It will take time.

Manuel L.
Try to determine what your end goal is and see what you really need to get there. Especially with pracical stuff you can narrow it down if you check every step you take how you execute it and then eliminate what is not necessary
Alfred F.
Take time to plan, plan buffers, block distractions out, do deep work session, work in consecutive series of projects instead of parallel ones.
Pauline R.
Yes, just work to get it done but not perfect. I dont put pressure to get everything done at the right part of the day. I like variety. I'm okay checking things off when I have a mood to complete something for me when it better aligns with my mood. I'm a single mom with a lot to do and I can't be so strict with the routine some days. Maybe my energy is off, or.mayne my kids have needs I must meet first. Variety and aligning with needs is okay. And feels.more efficient than being lock-step with a routine.